Patrick Hall


Telephone: (609) 439-4226


“[I want] Trenton to be known as the city that had the biggest comeback in the history of all cities.” –Patrick Hall

Future Goals for Trenton

On July 19, 2012 Patrick Hall announced his decision to run for mayor. His primary concern is restoring the City of Trenton’s satisfactory reputation, which he believes can be done by introducing his method of handling the issues currently affecting the city. Hall recognizes and understands his limitations when it comes to his knowledge pertaining to how different departments function, so to ensure the citizens of Trenton’s best interests, he plans on placing individuals in administrative positions that will demonstrate their abilities in which he cannot fulfill on his own.

Hall’s goal is to make Trenton the best possible place to live by working hard to resolve issues such as public safety, employment, and financial assistance. Hall acknowledges that Trenton has a high crime rate due to the gradual decrease of policemen, which is why he wants a strict, non-discretionary law enforcement to protect citizens. He also wants to increase the amount of businesses in the area to provide more job positions for citizens and those who are seeking to live in Trenton. He strongly encourages everyone to become more active within the community to make this an even greater city that will hopefully attract more people in the near future.

Though Hall was unable to attend the Trenton Mayoral Election Forum due to business matters, he had appeared via Skype and answered all questions concerning his future plans for the City of Trenton. There was no response from Hall regarding the Patrick Hall for Mayor Campaign. For more information, please visit his campaign website or ‘like’ his Facebook page for more updates.

Personal Life

Patrick Hall is the fourth out of five children and was raised in the Wilbur Section of Trenton after relocating from his birth place of Birmingham, Alabama in 1972. After graduating from Trenton Central High School, he attended the Cittone Institute and Mercer County Vocational / Technical School and graduated with a degree in computerized accounting. Now residing in Pennington, Hall and his wife, Patricia, are the parents of five children, Robert, Anthony, Mariah, Patrice and Connor. He has one grandson, Jayvon. After working at CAC in Hamilton, he received a Certified Pool Operator’s license at the City’s swimming pools. Additionally, he obtained licenses in the Financial Services field, where he then started a business as a broker. Hall is the owner of both the Wacky Gym Sports and the Anew Christian Spiritual Center located in West Windsor.

  • Patrick Hall Mayoral Campaign
  • Paul Perez


    Telephone: (609) 498-0568

    “I believe I’m the right person to come here to solve the issues regarding out-of-control crime. Make me the mayor today, and tomorrow you will have 105 police officers back on duty.”–Paul Perez

    Future Goals for Trenton

    According to Perez’s election website, as well as statements he made at the Trenton Mayoral Candidates Forum, Perez believes the city is poorly managed. To improve management, the candidate said he plans to provide information to citizens about what the city is doing. He said he will create an Office of Integrity and Accountability, responsible for oversight of city programs and combating fraud, waste and abuse. He also said he will provide professional development programs for City Hall employees.

    To combat unemployment, Perez said he will create an economic development plan that builds on the city’s manufacturing history while taking advantage of modern technology. He said his plan will provide decently paying jobs as well as tax revenues to finance social services.

    Perez said he will develop a plan with law enforcement professionals that reduces crime and violence. According to The Times of Trenton, Perez believes the biggest issue facing Trenton is crime.

    Personal Life

    Paul Perez is a Trenton native who recently returned to the city after more than 30 years away. He comes from a family of 15 siblings who, for the most part, remained in the city until his mother passed, he said.

    Perez dropped out of Trenton High School in 1980. He writes on his campaign website, “I had to leave. Trenton in the late 1970s had nothing to offer me with my limited experience and no money for college.” He served several years as military officer in Fort Dix, NJ.

    At the Trenton Mayoral Candidates Forum, Perez said his years of managerial experience makes him uniquely qualified to be mayor. He served several years as Homicide Task Force commander, reporting to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Newark, NJ. In addition, he spent three years as division director for the National Science Foundation. The candidate currently runs a consulting business, The Protective Realm, in Trenton.

    “We need to do a better job of what we’re doing with our money and prioritizing what’s best for our city. The priority should always be public safety.”–Paul Perez

    Afternoon Trees Design Proposal

    Project Overview:
    Who you are submitting the proposal to (Beautiful Trenton), your understanding of their needs, the target market, the goals of the web site and a rough outline of how you will achieve them.
    The Trenton Elections website, striving to inform and encourage Trenton residents to vote in the 2014 Mayoral Elections, will be submitted to Beautiful Trenton for consideration. The target audience of the website will be potential Trenton voters and the goals of the website will be to inform and provide thoughtful information to Trenton voters. Information will be provided through a variety of methods, including candidate profiles, candidates quiz game, polling information, and media sources.
    1. Analysis:

    What are your Communications objectives: What are you trying to do with your website? Educate people, convince them to vote?
    Our goal is to educate people enough with our provided information regarding the Trenton Elections. With the extensive research we have done, we want to apply the information to the given webpage, and, hopefully, convince enough people to want to be involved.
    Who are they?
    Obviously Trenton residents, but we want to appeal particularly to anyone who is qualified to vote. Those who will be 18 in time for the elections would be our main targets.
    Size of the audience? Makeup (census stats?)
    Preferably the entire population (60,000 residents). We want to reach out to the entire demographic.
    What do they need?
    We provided our audience with a background of each candidate, and what their key goals are in terms of improvement. With all of those facts, that should be enough to encourage new voters to get involved.
    Why will they be reading?
    They will be reading to fully understand what each candidate stands for and what they plan to do to improve the City of Trenton.
    How will they be reading?
    For linguistic purposes, we want to have our content supplied translated to Spanish.
    Who is your Audience? Develop a profile.

    Describe three personas that will be using this site. These will be the composites of the different user types the website is targeting. If you know who you are writing for, developing content easier, because you know exactly who you’re writing to (and coming up with images/video/etc. for).

    2. Project Style: The Wireframe
    A description of style of site you are proposing. Sketch out what it might look like. Font and color schemes.

    3. Special Considerations and special features:
    Bi-lingual sections of the site? Social media buttons and widgets, RSS feeds. Will the site be mobile-friendly? Explain your decisions in these areas based on your audience analysis.
    Our site will be available both in English and Spanish, as Trenton has a large Spanish-speaking population. Although there is also a large Polish-speaking section of Trenton, it is not as large. Offering an additional section in Polish would require significant time and effort that we believe would be better spent on other efforts.

    Our social media widgets will include:
    • Facebook
    l a button to “like” our Facebook page
    l a widget displaying three of our latest posts
    • Twitter
    l a button to follow us on Twitter
    l a widget displaying three of our latest Tweets

    Our site will not be mobile-friendly, as some of the content will be difficult to display. We believe that because of the nature of the content, most people would view our site at a desktop or laptop, so a mobile-friendly site is not necessary.

    4. Web site flow chart /Sitemap
    A diagram showing the different pages of the site and navigational structure. Do page tables for each page of the website. This upfront organizational work makes it easier to get your head around all the info you need to consider for each page and how they all work together. On each page of the site can you get to another part of the site? For instance under the category Issues, will that be one page or will you click on it and you will get to other pages with each issue?
    Web Site Flow Chart->

    Page title Home
    Content Provide general information to the website viewer
    • Why the page was created
    • Goals of the website
    • Why they should vote
    Links to useful resources

    Page title Candidate Profiles
    Content Links to each individual candidate profile
    Name of each candidate
    Images of each candidate
    Basic/general information about each candidate

    Page title Specific Candidate Profiles (6)
    Content Name
    Contact information
    Goals for Trenton
    Key issues
    Education background
    Work experience
    Personal life

    Page title Polling Information
    Content General overview of polling information
    Basic statistical information
    Link to the “Register to Vote” page
    Link to the “Voting Requirements” page
    Link to the “Polling Locations” page

    Page title Register to Vote
    Content Links to voter registration forms
    Downloadable voter registration forms

    Page title Voting Requirements
    Content List of voting requirements for the City of Trenton
    Links to accurate government sources regarding this information
    General voting guidelines and information
    How to vote
    Step-by-step process of registering to vote/voting

    Page title Polling Locations
    Content Map with polling locations pinpointed
    Images of locations
    Information about polling places (how this is determined)

    Page title Media
    Content Link to “Photos” page
    Link to “Videos” page
    Link to “Music” page
    Sample images or videos

    Page title Photos
    Content Slideshow
    Photos of Trenton
    Photos of Election events (i.e. Candidates forum)
    Photos of candidates
    Photos of polling locations

    Page title Videos
    Content Videos of Trenton locations
    Videos encouraging people to vote
    Videos informing voters of the upcoming election
    Video of the Candidates Forum

    Page title “Know Your Candidate” Quiz Game
    Content Quiz with pertinent questions
    Sources for the quotes pertaining to the quiz
    Images of the candidates
    Image of the selected candidate based on responses

    The navigational structure of each of the pages will be uniform. There will be a bar near the top of each page, just below the header, that will display each page within the website (i.e. Home, Candidate Profiles, Candidate Quiz Game, Polling Information, Media, etc.). If a user hovers over the “Candidate Profiles” link, a bar will appear below the original navigation bar that will allow users to click on a specific candidate profile. Clicking on the general “Candidate Profiles” link will bring users to a page in which they can access the pages of each of the candidates.

    5. Sample Content:

    Introduce your sample content, explaining how it fits into your overall vision for the site. List other kinds of content you might include.
    Above is an example of the sample content for our group. Our group was charged with creating a profile for each candidate, including a picture of each with background information, goals and a key issue. This is the format we have all agreed upon. For the overall website, I figure the candidate profiles can be its own separate page, because it is a very important section. The profiles really introduce readers to each of the candidates and provide information that voters would want to know about the candidates. In the class as a whole, other sample content includes a map of polling places, directions on how and who can vote, a quiz game, and an introductory video to the site on why people should vote.

    6. Resource Requirements. What expertise or resources will be needed to develop the site? Is WordPress suitable for the task, or does it have limitations?
    As a class, we have all the necessary resources available to us in order to create the website. I cannot speak for the other groups as to what skills they will need, but for our group all we really need to know is HTML. To develop the site, WordPress will be good enough for our task, at least for our group. WordPress will allow us to convert our profiles into HTML with the pictures and headings. I can only speak for our group in this matter, but WordPress fits our needs perfectly. It may have some limitations for other groups such as the quiz group, though.
    7. Development Timeline:
    This should be a description of each stage of the web projects’ development, the estimated completion date and notes regarding feedback from the client.
    Referring to the schedule posted on the syllabus, our goals are to create collaborative web content, pertaining to the Trenton elections, using HTML and multimedia that meet the qualified standards of our client.
    So far, we have completed the basics which include acquiring the data needed as well as deciding on an overall design for said content (sample content due Oct 9).
    The timeline for the course is listed below:
    Oct 16 Wed: Narrated online presentation of design proposal
    Oct 23 Wed: BCE Chapter 13 Read BCE Chapter 13
    Oct 30 Wed: Final project plan, resume and Cover Letter
    Nov 13 Wed: Usability test report
    Dec 4 Wed: Final presentation
    The next step for our group “Afternoon Trees” is to adjust the arrangement of content for the project’s layout plan.
    7. Sustainability:
    How might the site be maintained? What have you done to make it easy to update.
    In terms of updating it for future election use, the content can be made to be interchangeable. Because of the system used, it can be updated yearly in order to maintain it as an accurate information website and keep it efficient for future candidate use. RSS feeds can also be implemented in order to lessen the need for people to go on and manually maintain the website. Once all our content is set up, it will be fairly simple to maintain as it uses the WordPress platform and will be easy to access for the volunteer system.
    8. Analytics- How will you track site performance (embedding Google analytics or some other analytics package)?
    We’ll use Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.

    Jim Golden



    “It takes a village to raise a child.”–Jim Golden

    Future Goals for Trenton

    Golden wants to fully engage citizens across Trenton. He is looking to accomplish education, economic development, performance, management, and accountability in the government. Every department director that serves him will be front and center at city council meetings. He wants more households to be owner occupied and to have more private development in the city. Trenton will function like a business. It will have a more business friendly environment. Strategic direction will be implemented to achieve goals. He wants to construct a “cookbook” for development in the city. The plan from a to z will be formed.

    The crime rate in Trenton is higher then ever. Within 60 days he wants to publish a crime fighting and crime reduction plan that will engage citizens. In the first 3 years, Golden wants to bring back some police officers. He wants to bring police union leadership and lead. An effective and tactical strategy will be drawn up and it will be implemented when and where it is needed. The police will need to work with true partnership with the citizens of Trenton. Through partnership, tactics and responses will be accurate to fit neighborhood problems. Community police philosophy will need be to practiced by engaging citizens in the neighborhood oriented model so that the quality of life is in check. Golden declared that we need to identify and solve neighborhood problems. This can be done through real problem solving.

    The Trenton police department is not working at max capacity so it will need to change that and work at full capacity. The police department will need to change resource allocations. Officers will need to be deployed when and where they are needed. There will have to be a shift schedule. Right leadership in city hall is the key.

    Golden believes in a successful non-profit plan. He wants to be full partners with these groups in this process. Citizens should be aware what is available and be able to connect to these nonprofit organizations. Golden is in the stakeholders group and a member of the Boys and Girls club.
    He will allow these non-profit organizations to be full partners in the administration to make sure that we can sustain what they are doing and even improve it. Citizens are not aware that there are non-profit groups and some of them do not know where they could find these groups.

    Personal Life

    Jim Golden came to Trenton 13 years ago. Golden met his wife (Victoria) while attending the same high school. They married one year after graduating. They now have three adult daughters (Amy, Tammi and Holly).

    Golden has 40 years experience in crime fighting starting in 1970 at the Philadelphia Police Department where he worked his way up to Executive Officer. He served in Philadelphia for 26 years in the police department. While serving in Philadelphia, he reduced crime and the rate of crime by more than 30%. He also worked 6 years with the School District of Philadelphia as the top chief safety executive, leading 700 employees in a system of 167,000 students and 25,000 staff members, with a budget of $3 billion.

    Golden reengineered the city’s police department and lead 4 major administrative bureaus in a department with an annual budget of $400 million. In 1996, he worked in Michigan as police chief and managed 200 employees with an annual budget over $100 million. In 2002, he was appointed the first federal security director at Philadelphia International Airport, in the newly created Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This $100 million federal agency start up is one of the highlights of his career. He managed over 800 employees. He worked here from 2000-2004. He controlled aviation security in Philadelphia and installed an advanced electronic baggage system within one year of his employment.

    He next moved to Trenton and worked his way up to police director. While being police director in Trenton, Golden re-engineered the police department and rolled out community policing, mainly through the establishment of Citizen Police Advisory Councils in each ward. He created 16 neighborhood beats throughout the city, which permanently had officers assigned to. While working with the CPACs, he shaped interventions to fight and prevent crime in every neighborhood. This resulted in a lower incidence of crime and fear. In two and a half years, he reduced serious crime by double digits in Trenton.

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  • Walker Worthy


    Telephone: (609) 989-6061

    Future Goals for Trenton

    After announcing his candidacy in March, Worthy told The Times of Trenton, “I think the city of Trenton needs new leadership and leadership that people can trust, a leader with a vision who can put together a competent team of people for the people of Trenton. One of the things I have is my ability to bring people together.”

    In a March interview with the Times of Trenton, Worthy said he sees gun violence and public safety as the biggest issues facing Trenton.

    Worthy also said he will provide public works with “any resources, training and tools they need to do their job effectively.”

    Personal Life

    Worthy, 49, was born in Trenton and graduated from Ewing High School. He received a degree in history at Tennessee State University. Worthy has been the Deputy County Clerk for the past seven years. His past work history includes working for the Trenton Board of Education for 18 years and also was aide to Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman. Worthy is a member of trustee board for the Shiloh Baptist Church in Trenton. Worthy has been awarded the NAACP Political Award, the National Congress of Black Women Community Service Award, the Borietta Community Award, and the Fai-Ho-Cha Community Achievement Award.

    Eric Jackson


    Telephone: (609) 599-1082

    “We need leadership. Not good leadership. Great leadership. I am that person. I know in my heart I am that person.”–Eric Jackson

    Future Goals for Trenton

    Jackson places an emphasis on affordable housing within the city, intending to assist the homeless in obtaining housing, thus decreasing the city’s homeless population. In an attempt to rebuild the city, Jackson wants to reduce the amount of abandoned properties and convert all vacant properties into occupied homes. Existing units will be brought up to code, improvements will be made, and mixed-income and permanent supportive housing will be provided.

    Jackson is a supporter of educating city residents, seeking to emphasize life skills, basic literacy, and career ladders, specifically for youths and other vulnerable residents.

    Jackson envisions Trenton as a vibrant 24-7 city with a bustling downtown that includes restaurants, cafes, and apartments over shops. He wants to reconnect the city to the Delaware River and expand the linear park. Jackson wants the city to be a center for retail, office, and residential units along a realigned street grid. His vision also includes a greater nightlife presence as well as increasing pedestrian traffic.

    Within the first 100 days in office (if elected), Jackson has stated that he will evaluate Departments within the local government in order to determine appropriate funding. Jackson also seeks to hire an experienced Business Administrator and build a knowledgeable Cabinet.

    If elected, Jackson wants to adopt a balanced budget, decrease crime rate, improve public safety, initiate a clean neighborhood campaign, reinvent Trenton as a center for commerce, improve the Trenton school system, decrease drop-out rates, offer quality education, and reduce abandoned properties.

    “[Jackson] worked for me for 17 years and he was in my cabinet for about 12. He’s very knowledgeable about government–he ran the largest department in the city, and he certainly had to deal with a lot of issues: Water Works issues, union negotiation issues.”–former Mayor Douglas Palmer


    Jackson lists public safety as his key issue in the 2014 mayoral elections.

    Jackson’s association with the city government began in 1994. Under former Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer, Jackson was the Director of Public Works. After the election of Tony Mack in 2010, Jackson maintained the position of Assistant Business Administrator for a few weeks until he was demoted to the position of Assistant to the Superintendent at the Trenton Water Works. Jackson unsuccessfully ran for the mayor of Trenton in 2010. Jackson is the current Director of Public Works and Urban Development in Plainfield, New Jersey.

    Jackson’s political alliances include endorsements from former Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer and six Trenton pastors during his 2010 mayoral bid. In Trenton’s mayoral runoff in 2010, Jackson endorsed Tony Mack, whom Jackson has known since they were both children.

    About Jackson running for Mayor: “I think he’s certainly a qualified candidate. And I know, based on his run in 2010, he is someone who’s committed to the city.”–James Golden

    Personal Life

    Jackson has experience in the nonprofit and private sectors in management positions. He has served on community boards at the state and local levels in order to provide for the underprivileged and underserved. Jackson was a Director of Operations and Personnel for the Henry J. Austin Health Center, managing facility operations. He was also an audit review manager at Citibank and supervised 18 professionals within the Eastern Division.

    Jackson is a lifelong resident of Trenton (Wilbur Section of East Trenton). He is the husband of Deniece N. Johnson Jackson, the father of Adrian L. Jackson, and the son of Gladys and Otto Jackson. Eric Jackson believes that his parents helped to instill strong family and moral values while being encouraged to help others. Jackson actively attends Calvary Missionary Baptist Church and is a civic volunteer.

    Jackson obtained his primary education in the Trenton Public Schools before transferring and graduating from the Hun School of Princeton. He is also a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management.

    About why he decided to run for mayor: “It was a personal decision about commitment, fortitude, and the ability to bring people together.”–Eric Jackson

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  • Questionnaire
  • Quiz test

    <br /> sample quiz code<br />

    PUBLIC SAFETY: Which of the following do you agree with the most?

    Reduce crime by removing focus from the police department and spending more on education. Reduce risk of criminal actions by improving the street lighting at night and video surveillance. (PH)
    Reduce crime by deploying policemen when and where they’re needed, faster. Implement a more efficient crime response plan (JG)
    Reduce crime by asking the state government for financial support to hire more police officers (TM)
    Reduce crime by implementing violence reduction plans that have worked in other cities and collaborate with Trenton Police officials to achieve lower crime rate (PP)

    ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Which of the following do you agree with the most?

    Create an economic development plan that builds upon Trenton’s manufacturing past and incorporates the benefits of modern technology. (PP)
    Enforce ordinances that are currently on the books that will increase revenue and create job opportunities. Enforce the laws of Trenton to create a great working relationship between administration, citizens and police. (PH)
    Collaborate at the county and state level to develop a strategic planning process. Re-assessment of City Hall functions aimed at supporting business development. (JG)
    Instill consistent disciple through city hall. This initiative has failed. (TM)

    COMMUNITY- Which of the following do you agree with the most?

    Increase sense of community by revitalizing the downtown and creating a safe and nurturing environment for businesses and education alike to grow . (PP)
    Increase sense of community by re-establishing pride in Trenton’s historical legacy. (PH)
    Increase sense of community by working regionally with arts, cultural and historical tourism groups. Make the city an attractive destination for investors, visitors and potential residents by creating a robust central district in downtown Trenton. (JG)
    Increase sense of community by focusing on projects such as parks and parades and other recreational facilities. (TM)

    INTEGRITY & ETHICS- Which of the following do you agree with the most?

    Increase integrity and accountability by making all the departments of the government start with a budget of zero regardless of how much they received in the previous years. (PH)
    Increase integrity and accountability by requiring every department director in the city to attend all city council meetings.(JG)
    Creating an office of integrity and accountability responsible for overseeing city programs and combating fraud, waste, and abuse.
    Increase integrity and accountability by illegally appropriating grant funds. Firing department heads, replacing them instead with unqualified friends and family for key posts. (TM)

    EDUCATION- Which of the following do you agree with the most?

    Develop a “Teaching in an Urban Environment” program that is based on the Family and includes the new teacher’s awareness training of Trenton’s teaching challenges. Develop a temporary alternative for students attending class at the old building in order to tear down the building. (PP)
    Create partnerships and teams with City Council, State and County officials, Parents, City School Board,and various other institutions to increase parent involvement and to renovate out of the dilapidated school building. (PH)
    Crime needs to be addressed first and foremost to allow any semblance of a decent education system. (JG)
    Constructive after school options such as the Youth Development Summit, parks and recreational activities. Renovating libraries with a fund of over $200,000 in the effort to open “leaning centers”. Three of the four centers have been closed (TM)

    EMPLOYMENT- Which of the following do you agree with the most?

    Create employment by fostering international trade relationship and working in collaboration with organizations such as NASDAQ in order to create jobs. This initiative has failed.(TM)
    Create employment by working with business professionals to create more businesses and job opportunities in the city of Trenton. Market Trenton as a town with a strategic business location for modern technology and manufacturing (PP)
    Create employment by reducing crime rate and attracting new industries to the city. Adult training to create a better marketable workforce. Increase the citizen’s average income. (PH)
    Create employment by marketing Trenton to businesses in partnership with the Trenton Downtown Association (TDA), Capital City Redevelopment Corporation (CCRC), Choose New Jersey and others, with the goal of creating jobs in and around the city. (JG)