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Trenton Elections Website  Presentation:

We, the Think Trenton, used this presentation as a means to touch on key points of our Design Proposal. We also took this opportunity to delineate our vision for the website by doing a mockup for each page of the website. Through this, we hope to provide you with a concrete plan for the implementation of our vision for the Trenton Elections website.

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Trenton Elections Website Design Proposal:

Trenton is at a pivotal crossroads. A decision is at stake that can either lead Trenton to a newer, improved state or walk the downward slope it is headed for. With the 2014 elections looming ahead, this is the moment to facilitate change. We, the Think Trenton, propose this Trenton Elections Website as a space that aims to educate, envision, and acts as a platform that raises pivotal issues of the people. Our proposal is aimed at the people of Beautiful Trenton, who deal day to day with the issues our website strives to address.

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Design Proposal

Sample Content:

Our sample content is a multiple choice quiz to help the user determine which candidates best matches their ideas of what a mayor should do. The quiz was created using php and html. The quiz should be a go-to place for anyone unsure of either who the candidates are or which they are voting for. Once someone has finished the quiz, the profile page for the candidate will be displayed. Overall the goal for the quiz is to be an effective way to demonstrate to the user which candidates matches their opinions in an object and unobtrusive way. The quiz will list references for the information used so that anyone could go and check the statements.

Follow this link to get to our quiz:

Sample Trenton Elections Quiz



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