Group one

Trenton Mayoral Election Website Design Proposal

Our proposal is created for Beautiful Trenton, who is in need of a website to engage and inform prospective voters for the 2014 Trenton mayoral election. These goals can be achieved by designing a professionally clean and user-friendly website that infuses traditional textual / information-based websites into a more modern and physically interactive website.

This is the Presentation of the Design Proposal.


Full Design Proposal Document

On our homepage we have a slider that displays images of the topics that will be demonstrated to provide the user with basic information that they need to know in order to vote. Along with the titles there is a “Read More” button that the user clicks on and it brings them to the full page of text that displays this information. This is the sample content for a Slider, which will be incorporated onto the homepage of the website, making the website more interactive to viewer.


Below are the links to the audio files for our Prezi presentation.

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