Mission 1

Now that you’ve decided to take on the challenge of joining our team, you’ll have to complete your first mission to become a trainee: we need you to establish your identity to the other members. Remember, in order to build your credibility, you’ll need to cooperate and impress all of us. Go to the blog and post an entry telling us about yourself:

Your superhero name
Your strengths
Your weaknesses
Your reason for enlisting
Your hopes for our Syndicate

Once you’ve completed this mission, you’ll earn your official trainee badge and membership into the Syndicate. Then we can start the real work, and together help make Trenton a better place.


– Name
– Hero Profile Picture

– Power they like most? (to reflect their personality)
– Why they want to be a hero? (why they are playing the game)
– What is their backstory? (a little bit about themselves, such as their likes or hobbies for example)

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