Mission 2

Anyone can become homeless, which is a scary reality. Whether you are potentially, currently, or chronically homeless, everyone effected needs a helping hand to get back on their feet.


Once we see who is becoming homeless, we can know how to help them!

For example, in an effort to help get people back under their own roofs, transitional housing creates an opportunity to move people from complete homelessness to hopefully permanent residence ownership.  Many of these buildings exist as temporary residence hotels that operate policies that tenants may only rent a room for a few months.

Daily expenses add up quickly, and it can be a long and trying process to save up enough money to land a family back under their own roof. You can read a similar story of a courageous woman named Patricia here: http://thewall.pages.tcnj.edu/files/2012/10/Spring-2013-1.pdf

There are several areas where these people need assistance. Create and suggest a plan to help out with transitional housing, meal provision, child care, a combination of, or all of the above.

Here are some links that may jumpstart your ideas:




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