Mission 3

Local homeless shelters take in those who need a place to sleep until their specific curfew time, after which, they close their doors for the night. Individuals and families who miss curfew are then left out on the streets – which can be a pretty scary place.

In a Bronx journal article, (http://www.thebronxjournal.com/rules-in-the-homeless-shelter/) Ashley, a writer who has experienced homelessness herself, explains that rules at homeless shelters may be tough on their occupants.

She explains that two main rules, the curfew and the “10 and 2” rule, are often stressful to follow. ┬áThe curfew for many shelters is 10:00 PM, and depending on a specific shelter, you may be either locked out or written up for failing to make curfew. If your shelter does not lock you out, and writes you up instead, Ashley explains that, after 3 strikes, your status is moved to a “next-step client,” whose curfews are placed at 8:00 PM. ┬áThese “next-step” clients are waiting to hear the result of the shelter’s request that they be removed from the facility by a higher power.

The second rule she discusses is the “10 and 2” rule, stating that occupants must leave the shelter before 10:00 AM and not return until after 2:00 PM everyday, unless the temperature is less than 35 degrees or if you have documentation to prove that you are disabled or sick.

Your mission is to find a way to keep people off the streets when the shelters are closed, before the winter’s cold catches up to us all. It’s a race against the clock to keep everyone warm just in time for the holidays!

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