Every Hero has special powers that they use to help those who need it, and the Syndicate is made up of those who seek to master their powers. These powers are varied but equally important to become a Super Hero.

As you Heroes complete missions, your powers will become stronger and let you do more good within the community! Think of all the people you’d be helping!

The kinds of powers are as follows:

– Innovation: Thinking outside the box and being creative to reach your goal. Making something new and giving it purpose.

– Practicality: Putting the project into more than just an idea, it becomes real and of real help to those who need it. Moving away from the planning stage and into implementation.

– Initiative: The courage to go first before everyone else, to start a revolution of change. Sometimes the voice that speaks alone is the loudest voice spoken.

– Determination: Working with something even if it doesn’t work out at first. Working through errors help polish the solution.

– Teamwork: Awarded for working well with others for a greater good. Listening to another’s ideas and collaborating.

– Selflessness: Putting others before yourself in plans and projects. Giving more then what you would keep for yourself.

– Logic: Thinking realistically keeps plans in perspective.

– Enthusiasm: The ability to bring spirit into a project, having fun during the work like it was never really work at all.

– Influence: The ability to inspire others and bring them to your cause.

– Ambition: The drive to get done what needs to get done, no matter what.

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