How to Play

You are an aspiring superhero looking to join the new local super team: the Pearson Syndicate. But in order to become a full-fledged member and Superhero, you have to prove your worth. Show us how well you problem solve, and we’ll take note.

The key to moving up is to complete our missions. The Pearson Syndicate’s goals are to help improve the quality of life for the citizens of Trenton. Each time you successfully complete a mission, you’ll build your reputation for yourself and our team. We’re a democratic organization, so we’ll have our members decide your rewards, and in turn, you’ll have a say in deciding theirs. But remember: we’re a team, and we need to work together. Anyone and everyone can advance themselves within the Syndicate.

After you’ve decided on your super name and outfitted your appearance, we’ll begin the real work: your missions. Our organization’s newspaper The Wall is where you’ll find the bulk of your tasks. Read the articles and check the sources to investigate the issue, and then, in our blog, join forces with the other members to brainstorm solutions to the problems. If you come up with a great idea, your teammates will let you know, and they can vote on your ideas and what superpowers you’re displaying. In turn, you can vote on theirs. You may just be a trainee now, but through your problem solving, teamwork, and creativity, you can move on to become a Superhero.

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